Custom Players - Create your own Video Player Online

“ The easiest & quickest way to create Branded Custom Players for YouTube videos ”

Skin and Customise Your Video Player

Make your player as original as your content. Design & create a custom branded video player that best fits your branding, style and content. Packed full of advanced features.

Use YouTube Videos

Custom players can be produced taking videos from YouTube's users, channels, results of a search, featured videos, top rated, your favourites, your playlists and much more.

No Bandwidth Costs

Let YouTube host your video and worry about the bandwidth costs, we make them look pretty.

Host & Use Your Videos

You'll be able to host and stream your own videos on your server using an external XML playlist

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Over 300 options to customize

Extensive customization options are available to produce the unique player that suits you with a few clicks. Over 15 types of players and playlists types.

Stats on Google Analytics

You'll be able to analyse how often videos are played and their duration.

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Share Video with AddThis

Viewers will be able to share videos by using AddThis - a bookmarking and sharing service

Add Video Advertising

Fully customisable advertising allows users to place certain videos at the start, between or the end of videos in the playlist.