Tracking Custom Players with Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics (abbreviated GA) is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. Its main highlight is that the product is aimed at marketers as opposed to webmasters and technologists from which the industry of web analytics originally grew.

GA can track visitors from all referrers, including search engines, display advertising, pay-per-click networks, email marketing and digital collateral such as links within PDF documents.

Source: Wikipedia

How Custom Players work with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is able to track more than just pages viewed by visitors of your website - it also allows tracking of events. Custom Players generates certain events like "Video is played", "Video finished playing" and "Video was stopped before the end". Integrating GA with Custom Players provides you with statistics of these events. You will be able to see which are your popular videos, which get skipped and how long they keep the viewers' attention.

What do I need to setup tracking?

First of all you will need a Google Analytics account and a website profile setup. Once you have them all you need is the profile identifier - it is a short string, looking something like UA-1234567-1 (you can find this in the GA Account Overview page).

Profile ID

To enable tracking for your Custom Player you have to put the profile identifier in the "Profile ID" field in the Tracking tab of the Edit Custom Player box on

What is "Track page URL"?

The page URL option allows you to track how many times a custom player was opened for playback. This feature is particularly useful for pop-out, video wall, list box and horizontal box players. When the visitor clicks on a video (ie in your video wall) and the actual player is opened to play it this will count in your reports as a visit to the specified address.

We recommend you enter an address that does not exist on your website, or you will be seeing incorrect data in your GA reports.

For example you can enter something like: /front-page-player

Track page URL

Changing the track page URL of a player, that has already gathered data will NOT change the old reports. Only those generated after the change will show the new URL

Track page URL is not required

What is "Track events category"?

The events category allows you to track different Custom Players separately. You can assign different category name to each player and you will see the data for it in its own category in your Google Analytics reports

Using Events Categories does NOT limit any other features. You will still be able to see reports about mutliple players at the same time.

For example you can enter something like: Front page player

Track events category

Changing the category of a player, that has already gathered data will NOT change the old data. Only new events after the change will be displayed in the new category.

Not required - it will default to " Custom Player".

Can I track multiple players with one Google Analytics Profile?

Certainly - you can track unlimited number of players in the same GA profile.

Is tracking available for all player types?

Currently tracking Flash Only custom players is not supported.

Is tracking available on all plans?

Currently tracking Custom Players with Google Analytics is available only for Business Max users.