thank u so much for your UNBELIEVABLE service. If all the sites i belonged to gave support like this it would be great. May your site go from strength to strength with much success
Awesome! The look and feel is very slick, closely comparable to apple products. It's user friendly and naturally intuitive. I like how you have the option to download in various formats, but not get 'stuck' doing it and that you can still browse other videos. The category search is very convenient, the idea of the playlist is a big hit...although I was not able to use it's functionality..
Geeta Wilson
Hi, I just got your acceptance to beta test your site today and have just been checking it out right now. It is a *awesome* site. From what I've seen it has been working flawlessly and is very nicely designed and executed. There was one tiny glitch when resizing the window near the edge of the program window, but that was all. I'm running a recently bought mac mini running camino web browser. Keep up the great work and thanks for letting me into beta testing!
Hi, I was just invited to the beta, and I love it!
Mitchell Ferguson
I really like what you guys got going here. I can see this making a large site like youtube easier to use and I'm still amazed that this isn't flash!
Awesome project.
Ok, I have made youtube videos before on how to convert youtube to XXX format and this takes the cake! It is so easy!
Coffman Runner
I;ve only just begun using your product, but I must say, it's incredible. The page loads take about as long as youtube itself does.My favourite feature is the resizable windows: videos that were all but readable are now fullscreen, with no delay between sizes. One thing that I'd like, though, is to have a text box for zoom slider; I super-sized my videos, and had to play around to get the zoom back to 100%. Even a reset button would work, but this is only a minor thing, and not really an issue at all for someone who will only watch videos on their PC screens. Another feature I enjoy is the ability to minimize windows. I think it's wonderful that the windows grow/shrink depending on how far away the cursor is. Your theme support is great, as well. I think you've perfected the YouTube interface. Will there be support for comments, and support for a user's videos/ groups in the future? These would only be icing on an already delectable cake.

Thanks for your great product.
Edward S.
Hi, I think you guys have done a wonderful job.I use iDesktop.tv everyday since I got the invitation. Thank you for creating the great site.
iDesktop.tv, which offers an easy means of browsing, searching and watching videos from the web's biggest archive.
"this one is top drawer."

"Yet another way to view, download and organise online video content, this one's different simply due to its functionality. "

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"its packed with features to make your YouTube viewing experience much more interactive and useful"
"The viewer uses a stripped down Prototype, and a whole bunch of script to give you sliders that automatically change the layout to allow more or less content on the screen, menus, pagination, inline popups, and a lot more."
"It's a great way of creating custom players for YouTube videos with some 15 different players and playlist types and 300 options to customise. It'll give a more professional look to your videos that can be created in 10 mins."
"iDesktop.tv is a cool application that lets you browse YouTube in an incredibly cool interface. Search, Watch and Download Youtube videos in better looking environment. There is nothing to install or download"
"Thanks to iDesktop.tv team for allowing me to see their rich web 2.0 application. iDesktop.tv has a simple to use interface which is better than any other video watching application."
"You can now download videos and save them as avi, mp4(ipod), mov, 3gp(mobile), wmv, flv, exe (built in standalone player) and zipped format. Now that's a cool feature for I never liked the idea of saving my favourite videos in flv format."
"The idea behind YouTube Desktop is to bring a desktop application experience to navigating and viewing YouTube videos through a web browser."
"By using a desktop metaphor, the application is incredibly easy to grasp because you feel right at home dragging 'n' dropping videos into a playlist or minimizing and resizing windows on the fly."
"iDesktop.tv is a new video aggregator that lets you create playlists in an easy and functional manner."
"I thought it was pretty cool to see an application go in to beta that connects with one of the darlings (and stars) of Web 2.0. I think it's a great example that helps explain what Software + Services is all about."
"There's no doubt that iDesktop.tv is impressive technically, with some complex AJAX going on under the hood, which worked flawlessly in Firefox on a Mac."
"iDesktop.tv is a new website where you can browse all your favorite youtube video in an Ajax environment for simpler more efficient browsing. It sports a few new features that are currently not found in youtube yet."
"The possibilities of the site reach far beyond that. It gives you the chance to create your own environment for watching video clips, saving them and sharing them with friends."
"The main goal of iDesktop.tv is to provide users a convenient way of browsing through the enormous amount of online videos and to improve the experience - help them manage their favourite ones by saving them in playlists, downloading them onto the PC and many, many other options."
"I really like how I can watch a video in a window while continuing to browse in the background. It feels a lot more integrated than having to open multiple browser tabs to view and browse simultaneously."
"Though it is rather easy to browse and search for videos in YouTube directly from its website, it is undoubtedly easier with iDesktop.tv, an impressive dynamic web application, coupled with modern design for search, watching and even downloading videos from the web!"
"iDesktop.tv runs in a browser and allows you to organize your various video watching and management tools the way you want."
hey hey hey i love idesktop.tv it my fav website i log in more then myspace thankyou very much so cool
Johncorde Sei
i would like to thank you for launching this website. I absolutely LOVE IT! now i am able to download my favourite music videos to any format without an hassle.

Once again, many thanks!
I think your site kicks major butt!!! everything I like i can find. thnx so much!
The new iddesktop is so cool. I think you made it!!!
iDesktop is the greatest. I've downloaded tons of great videos thanks to this site. Thank you very much.
Mr. Boyd
Discovered your service only today and am impressed with what you’ve put together. Easy to use and a very useful service.