How to Create a Custom Player

  • 1
    Click on "Custom Players" found in the top menu
  • 2
    This is the window where your Custom Players are stored. To get started click "Create a new player"
  • 3
    Through this wizard you will be able to create and customize your player to your exact needs. In this first window you will need to choose exactly where you want your videos used in the player, to come from. When you have chosen your video source, hit Next
  • 4
    You will now need to create a name for your player and choose your player and playlist type. Hit Next
  • 5
    In this window you can customize exactly how the player looks and feels. (Please note depending on which player type you chose this window will look different). When you are finished here hit Next
  • 6
    The next screen is where you specify what your playlist in the player looks like. Change the settings to your needs and click Next
  • 7
    If you are on a Business Plan you can add advertising to your video here. You can choose from pre, mid and post roll adverts
  • 8
    If you are on a Business Plan you can link your Google Analytics account here. This will allow you to track your videos performance.
  • 9
    Click Preview to see your Custom Player
  • 10
    A new tab will open that will show the Custom Player you have created. If you need to edit this Custom Player further repeat steps 3 – 8 until you are happy with your player
  • 11
    Click "Save and get code"
  • 12
    This window will give you the Embed Code. Copy and paste this code and embed it into your website. Any changes to your player through will dynamically change your player in the website
  • 13
    You will now find your Custom Player in the Custom Player Window (Step 1). From here you can edit your Custom Player, duplicate it, preview it or generate the embed code again