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General FAQ

  • Do you have anything to do with Google or YouTube?
    No, except that we use their API's to access their Videos. 
  • I love iDesktop! How can I show my support?
    If you're a user, then spread the word. Tell all your friends to tell their friends that they should tell their friends what your friends told them. If you have a website, than get a logo from here and link to us. If you are an author or blogger, then please review our site and say how nice we are. We need everyone's help and support to join the new video revolution. 
  • What Browsers will give me the best Experience?
    The Browsers that will give you the best Experience are:
    1. Mozilla Firefox 3.0 + download ( Recommends)
    2. Safari 3.0 + download
    3. Google Chrome 2.0 + download
    4. Internet Explorer 7 + download

    The others we don't plan to support because the site relies on features that exist only in latest browsers, so you will need to upgrade.  
  • I want to advertise on, What do I do ?
    We welcome all enquirys, please fill in this form and we'll get back to you asap.
  • Can I upload videos to YouTube then comment on videos or rate them?
    No. is only for watching, browsing, downloading and organising YouTube's videos currently
  • I need some content but I don't find it. Can you add it for me?
    No. All content comes from YouTube's users and we have absolutely no control over it
  • I created an account but I cannot log in - there is some error about my account not being activated. How do I do that?
    Upon registration each user is automatically sent an email. In this email there is a link the user has to click to confirm the registration. This step is necessary to confirm that the registrant has provided his email, not fake one or someone elses.

    If you fail to receive the activation email within an hour after registration, go to idesktop and request another one. This can be done by registering again with the same email - you will be asked if you want the link resent.
    If you still don't get the email - contact us, we will manually activate your account. Just make sure you email us from the address you registered with. Otherwise activation will be denied.
  • Do I need Flash to see the videos?
    Yes you will need to have the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.
    You can download it at
  • How do you enable JavaScript?
    Microsoft Internet Explorer
    1. In the Tools menu, click Internet Options, and then click the Security Tab.
    2. Click the Internet zone.
    3. Click the Custom Level Button
    4. Scroll down the list until you reach the section Scripting
    5. In the Active scripting section make sure "Enable is selected"
    6. Click OK, a warning message box will appear. Click Yes
    7. Close the Internet Options Box and restart your broswer. JavaScript should now be enabled.
    Mozilla Firefox
    1. In the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Content Tab
    2. Make sure the "Enable JavaScript" is selected.
    3. Click ok and restart your broswer. JavaScript should now be enabled.

    1. In the Tools menu, click Preferences, and then click the Security Tab
    2. Make sure the "Enable JavaScript" is selected.
    3. Close the window and restart your browser. JavaScript should now be enabled

    1. In the Tools menu, hover your mouse over the quick preferences.
    2. In the sub menu, click the "Enable JavaScript" to put a tick next to it.
    3. Restart your broswer. JavaScript should now be enabled
  • Is my data secure and private?
    Yes. We do NOT use your email address or other personally identifiable information to send commercial or marketing messages without your consent.
    We may, however, use your email address without further consent for NON-marketing or administrative purposes (such as notifying you of website changes or for customer service purposes).

    We use both your personally identifiable information and certain non-personally-identifiable information (such as anonymous user usage data, cookies, IP addresses, browser type, clickstream data, etc.) to ONLY improve the quality and design of the website and to create new features, promotions, functionality, and services by storing, tracking, analyzing, and processing user preferences and trends, as well as user activity and communications.


iPhone Ringtones

  • Is it really FREE ?
    Yes 100%, if you want to create more than 2 ringtones a day then you can pay for it. See our plans here.
  • What about copyright?
    All ringtones created are materials copyrighted per their respective copyright holders.


  • How can I download videos?
    When you press the Download button thumbnail, a small thumbnail appears in the bottom left corner, indicating the video is processing on our servers. Once processed you can select the file type you want to download by right clicking on the thumbnail. Then the video is converted dynamically and it's ready to download. Try it. 

    For a step by step tutorial check out our How to Download Guide
  • How do I download videos and play them on my iPhone/iPod?
    For a step by step guide please see our How to download to iPhone/iPod page.

  • I want to download some videos but I am not sure what format is best for me ?
    We have implemented the common video formats, used for different devices:

    AVI - the most common format for watching videos on PC, using Microsoft
    MPEG4v2 with MP3 quality audio on almost any device

    MP4 - Apple video format, supported by iPod, iPhone and other video playing devices and software

    MOV -  Apple Quick  Time video format

    WMV -  Microsoft Windows Media Video - old video format supported by all Microsoft Windows operating systems.

    3GP - video format, supported by most mobile devices, such as phones, but with low audio and video quality.

    3GP2 - version of 3GP with better audio and video quality, supported by most mobile phones and other devices

    FLV - flash video format - suitable for the web, for example - embedding the downloaded video in your own site
    EXE - standalone EXE player with the downloaded video built in it. For PC's only. No additional software or player required. Good for presentations.

    ZIP - this is actually the EXE, but compressed in ZIP archive

    MP3 – This will download only the sound from a video in MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 format.

    For other devices please refer to the video formats description to select which format your device supports.
    Here is a step by step tutorial

  • I use Microsoft Internet Explorer and I cannot download video - no "Save as" dialog box comes up! Where are my videos?
    What you can try is:
    1. Go to Tools -> Internet Options, click on the Security tab
    2. Click on the button "Custom Level...".
    3. In the box that opens, go down the list and find the section "Downloads".
    4. Check if "Automatic Prompting for file downloads" and "File Download" are set to "Enable". If not – set them and try again.

    You can also look out for the yellow information bar that appears at the top of the browser, warning that it has blocked the file downloading. If it appears you will not be able to download the file. Making the described changes should fix that.

  • When I try to download I receive an error "You are not logged in" or similar. But I am! What to do? requires cookies in order to work properly. So you need to enable them. Follow the described procedures for your browser:

    Microsoft Internet Explorer

    1. Click the "Start" button on your computer
    2. Click on "Control Panel" (It may be located in "Settings" on some computers)
    3. Click on "Internet Options"
    4. Open the "Privacy" tab
    5. Click the button "Advanced"
    6. Check the box "Override automatic cookie handling" under the Cookies section in the Advanced Privacy Settings window.
    7. Under First-party Cookies, select the "Accept" or "Prompt" option.
    8. Under Third-party Cookies, select the "Accept" or "Prompt" option.
    9. Note: If you select the "Prompt" option you will be prompted every time a Web site attempts to send you a cookie to click "OK".
    10. In the Internet Options window, click "OK" to exit.

    Mozilla Firefox
    1. Open the browser, click on the "Tools" menu and click on "Options...".
    2. Select the "Privacy tab".
    3. Check "Accept cookies from sites".
    4. You can click on "Exceptions..." and look in the box that opens if is not with status "Block". If it is - remove it
    5. Click "OK" and try to log in again

Custom Players

  • How do I Add Advertising to my Player?
    Step 1 - Finding your videos
    Either Paste directly into the search bar the youtube link (eg, or enter a search term to bring up search results for your chosen advert videos.

    Step 2 - Creating an Adverts Playlist Click on the Video Thumbnails in the results, that you want as advertisments in your player, to add them to the playlist. Then click untitled playlist* to reveal a dropdown menu and select save. Next, enter the name for the playlist.


    Step 3 - Opening the Custom Player Creation Form
    Click on the Custom Players link (In the Menu at the top of the page) and click "Create a new player"

    Step 5 - Adding Advertising to the Player
    In the Custom Players Form, choose your main video source in the videos selection tab. Then, customise your player. When you are happy with the look of your player, select the advertising tab and check the boxes for where you want your videos to appear in the playlist. Then choose the playlist that you saved in Step 3 and select a specific video in the playlist to play, or choose random for to randomly select a video in your chosen playlist to play.


    Step 6 - Saving and Enjoying
    Click "Save and get code", copy the code, paste it into your blog/website and enjoy!
  • Can I create Custom Players taking videos from my YouTube Channel?
    Sure you can. Videos can be taken from playlists, user channels, results of a search, your favourites, featured videos, top videos and much more! Check out examples to see what you can do!
  • Where can I embed my Custom Players?
    You can easily embed your Custom Players onto your Own Website, WordPress, Drupal, Ning, Blogsome, Expression Engine, Vox, Tumblr, Squarespace Moveable Type, Wikispaces and many other 3rd Party Platforms where JavaScript is allowed.
    For a guide on how to embed into the above platforms see our Supported Platforms section.
  • Can I put a Player on more than 1 website at a time?
    Yes you can! You can embed your player in as many websites as you like!
    Also when you change the look and the contents of a player from the website and saved the changes, the player will change everywhere it has been embedded.
  • Can you create a bespoke custom player for me ?
    Yes sure. If you don't find a style that your looking for and want us to create a player specific to your needs then we can do a custom development for you for a fee. Contact us for more details.
  • Do you give any sort of Training or Technical Support if we get stuck ?
    Sure we are here to help. We can provide Training & Technical Support, in person, by phone or online means.
  • Do you offer any sort of API's ?
    No not currently. Lets see how things progress on what we have currently. If the demand is there we don't see why not.
  • Can I try it for FREE ?
    Yes you can, signup for our FREE account and you'll be able to create up to 5 players for free. Try it. The only downside is that there will some branding and up to 2 downloads per day.
  • How do I create a Custom Player?
    For a step by step guide please see our How to Create a Custom Player page.
  • What browsers do the custom players work in?
    IE6+, FF2+, Safari 3+, Chrome, Opera 10 as long as it has flash installed


  • Why should I register? I can view the videos anyway!
    Yes, you can view the video’s without registering however you won’t get all the other added features such as downloading your videos, creating playlists and custom players!
  • I have run out of daily credits - how do I get more?
    You have 2 options.
    1. Sign up for a Downloader Plan to get unlimited downloads a day.
    2. Wait until tomorrow when you get 2 more!
  • What are Download Credits?
    Download Credits enable you to Download your favourite YouTube Videos without any hassle. 1 Download Credit = 1 Video Download.
  • How can I pay?
    Currently we accept Credit Cards and Debit Cards via PayPal or alternately use your PayPal account. At this time we only accept payments online. If you have any other additional queries please e-mail
  • How does the 30 day money back guarantee work? offers an unconditional, 30 day, money-back guarantee on all Paid Custom Player Plans. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Plan simply notify us within 30 days of the purchase date to receive a refund.
  • Am I signing up to a long-term contract?
    No. is a pay-as-you-go service. There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You simply pay month-to-month. If you cancel, you'll be billed for the current month, but you won't be billed again.
  • I want to cancel my account - how do I do this?
    In the application go to "Settings" > Account settings - password, email, newsletter etc and follow the instructions for cancelling your account.
    If you have signed up to a Paid Account canceling your account will also terminate your monthly subscprition fees.

    If you choose to cancel your account all information will be lost - playlists, favorite videos, custom players and everything, associated with your account, will be wiped out.

    Also all of your custom players, embedded by you on sites will stop working.

The Interface

  • What do you mean by "only public vids"?
    If this box is checked it means the search results will only display the videos that made public. Videos that are not made public unfortunately can not be viewed in due to the author making it private. You can however view these videos by clicking on the YouTube link in the player. P.S if you have permission from the author you can simply download the video to watch.
  • What is last 50?
    This lists the last 50 videos played in your account. 
  • I see the "drag" hint appearing over results but I cannot reorder the results?
    Yes, you can but the dragging is not for reordering the results. You can drag videos to an opened player and it will be added to the playlist. You can also drag videos from one player to another.
  • How do I add a video to favourites?
    To add a video to your favouites you can do this 2 ways

  • How do I add a video to the Quick Search?
    Firstly you will need to conduct a search on You will then see (to the left of the search bar) the Quick Search menu.
    Click the + symbol to add your current search to the menu.

Watching Videos

  • Can I send a list of videos for my friends to view?
    Yes, you can - save them in a play list in your account and either send them the URL or use the "email playlist" feature. Both the URL and email playlist buttons can be found in the "playlists" menu.
  • I want to view the comments on these videos, is this possible?
    Yes. When playing a video you will see "More info" link in the player. It will open three tabs - video description, comments and uploader's profile. Currently the comments are limited to showing only the last 50 added due to technical issues with YouTube's API.
  • Can I say, collect a bunch of my favourite music videos and play them in background while I browse for others?
    Yes, you can. You can load them in the player and minimize it. If you have set "pause on minimize" to off in the settings, the video playback will continue so you will hear the audio and continue browsing for more videos. You can even add the videos from the results to the minimized player by dragging and dropping them over its thumbnail in the tray.
  • Do you support widescreen on these videos?
    Yes, and not only that. While playing videos you will notice a few icons for selecting video aspect ratio. You can choose from 4:3, 16:9 (wide screen), video's default (the aspect ratio of the uploaded video) or custom. Custom will resize the video to fit the player so resizing it you will change the video's size.
  • How can I play these videos in full screen?
    There are two ways - by pressing "full screen" button in the player while playing the video or by the "pop out player" feature that will open the player in new browser window which you can size to your needs
  • I have a multi monitor setup and would like to view some videos on my second screen?
    You can use the "pop out player" feature (the blue button in the top right corner of the player). It opens new browser window and loads the videos in a simplified version of the player so you can drag the player onto the second display. You can even have it in full screen.
  • I found video or a playlist on YouTube. Can I watch then on iDesktop without searching again?
    Yes, you can. Just copy the URL of the video or the playlist from YouTube and paste it in the search box in iDesktop. It will automatically load it and show you related videos in the background.
  • I had a video in my playlist/favorites/downloads that used to play fine. Now it doesn't work. Why?
    This can happen if the video has been removed from YouTube for some reason (for example - copyright claims).
  • I can't find my video in
    This could be because of a few reasons.
    1. Your Url could be invalid - please ensure you have copied the full YouTube url for the video when you enter it into our search bar. If you miss the end off by accident sadly we will not find it.
    2. The video might have been set to "external sites may NOT embed and play this video." Unfortunately if this is the case you will not be able to view the video in BUT - if you go to your settings and turn off your Private Videos Filter you will be able to find and download it!
    3. The Video could have just been uploaded to YouTube and it takes a while for us to get it :) But it should be there within an hour at the most.



  • How does the "import user from YouTube" feature in Settings work ?
    The "import user from YouTube" feature will ask you for an existing YouTube username and will add this user's playlists and favourite videos to your account. If there are two playlists with the same name on YouTube and the videos will be added to the same playlist instead of creating new one.
  • What is "dim on/off" in settings?
    This changes whether the background will get dimmed while you play a video or not. When you move the mouse it resets the screen. For the full experience press F11 for full screen mode then F11 again to return back to normal mode.
  • What is "pause on minimize is on/off" in settings?
    This changes whether the video playback will be paused or will continue when you minimize the player in the tray. 
  • What does the Private Video Filter Do?
    Unfortunately YouTube videos when set to " external sites may NOT embed and play this video." can't be played in
    The Private Video Filter when switched on will only show videos that can be played in
    If the Private Video Filter is switched off, Videos marked as " external sites may NOT embed and play this video." will show up with a private mark over the top of the thumbnails. These videos can't be embedded in our Custom Players or viewed on (But they can still be downloaded!)