Custom Players with External Playlist Custom Players allow you to play videos not only from YouTube but from your own server via the External Playlist feature. That provides you with great flexibility and control over the content. However you will have to manage the traffic and content delivery on your own.

Here is a small sample player with external playlist for you:

If you want to check out the XML file behind this player you can download it here or compressed in a ZIP file here.

Why use External XML Playlists?

Privacy - If you don't want to upload your video(s) to YouTube.

Security - You want to keep your videos private and have more control over them.

Hosting - Host the video playlists on the server and dynamically change them.

No coding required - You don't need to be a Flash expert. You can easily and quickly create a video player with playlist without coding.

More content options - You can even have audio-only files (eg MP3) with an image to be displayed while they are playing.

What kinds of videos can I play?

MP4, FLV, MP3 and any other format, supported by Flash.

What do I need to use External Playlists?

First of all you will need a streaming server. Any server, capable of delivering the raw video files to the player is good enough. You can even just setup a server side script (eg PHP) to deliver them.

Next you will need the playlist XML file. It describes the videos you want to play - where the files are, what is the title, description, ratings, etc. You can read more about the available playlist XML tags here. Make sure this file is available on the web and that the URL does NOT change! The file may also be dynamically generated from the server. You may also use this external playlist validator to make sure the playlist XML file is OK before proceeding.

Third - create a crossdomain.xml file to allow to access the videos from your server. You can read more about crossdomain.xml here.

Fourth - create the Custom Player. Select External Paylist as a data source and point it to the playlist XML's URL. will read this file and cache its content. It will periodically check it for changes so if you upload new videos just update the playlist XML file on your server and will pick up the changes automatically.

Finally - embed the player on your website and let your users enjoy awesome experience!