About iDesktop.tv

So what is iDesktop.tv?

iDesktop.tv is an incredibly cool dynamic web 2.0 application, with a terrific modern design, that brings you a better way to search, watch, download, organize and create custom players with YouTube videos that can be embedded in websites.

It gives you the chance to create your own environment for watching video clips, saving them and sharing them with friends.

What makes iDesktop.tv unique

Designing iDesktop.tv we followed one primary idea - to bring normal desktop application experience to the browser - windows that can be dragged, resized, minimized in a tray, drag'n'drop of videos between players and results, standard menus - all with one goal - to make the richest web application for viewing and managing video content! You will be amazed by the flexibility and fabulous design of the website. It is user friendly and easy to navigate but also has great functionality.

Custom embed players

New to iDesktop.tv v2 is the ability to create your own customized embed players and put it right away on your website or blog. No coding skills required!

Custom players ca now be produced taking videos from YouTube's users, channels, results of a search, featured videos, top rated, your favorites and playlists created in iDesktop.tv.

You can select from many types of players and video widgets - video wall, list box, horizontal box, pop-out players, fixed player even simplest flash-only player

Extensive options for customizing are available to ensure users can create the perfect player that matches the style and design of theur websites.

Fully customisable advertising also allows users to place certain videos at start, between or the end of videos in the playlist.

Why we created iDesktop.tv

The main goal of iDesktop.tv is to provide users a convenient way of browsing through the enormous amount of online videos and to improve the experience - help them manage their favourite ones by saving them in playlists, downloading them onto the computer and now creating custom players for embedding videos onto your websites.

We believe the best way to please our visitors is to give them the freedom to choose and manage as much as possible. Giving them a completely new point of view on a web application - something never seen on the internet!

The various content and popularity of YouTube are indisputable but iDesktop.tv gives you the opportunity to manage that content in many possible ways:

Features / Benefits
  • The REAL Web 2.0 Experience
  • Interface, designed to be used just like every other desktop application
  • Fast flexible searching, displaying the results with option to resize them, so you can watch YouTube videos on a plasma TV, sitting in your sofa - will look just as perfect!
  • Create and save playlists to watch later or share them with friends! You have all standard features for shuffle and repeat mode, buttons to go to the next or previous video and to clear the playlist, with scrollable menus
  • You can have more than one player open - all made easy using standard functionality - dragging and resizing the windows, minimizing them within the tray i never been easier!
  • Pop out player for simplified watching, in another browser window
  • Download YouTube videos in High Definition and High Quality
  • Download YouTube videos as avi, mov, mp4, exe (built in standalone player), zip, 3gp, 3gp2 (mobile), wmv, flv, mp3, wma and aac - all converted on the fly. That gives you the chance to save all your favourite YouTube videos on your computer, iPod, iPhone or other device and watch them whenever you want.
  • Custom embeddable players - now you can create your own custom embeddable players to put your favorite videos onto your site in a player that reflects the style and design of your website.
  • Drag and Drop interaction - Allows you to drag videos around to create a new player or playlist.
  • Choose from 20 themes - set the way the site looks according to your mood
  • View the video in fullscreen format
  • Share videos with friends - send url's and recommend videos to friends through e-mail
  • Get the URL of each YouTube video
  • View the last 50 videos played
  • Create and manage a list of your favourite YouTube videos and watch them whenever you want just with one click
  • View YouTube adult content
  • Import playlists and favourites from your YouTube account, or any account you subscribe to or a channel provider
  • Dim the background while watching videos
  • View the video in 4 different ratios, 16:9, 4:3, custom and the video's original
  • Refined searching options. You can sort your results by relevance, date, rating or view count

Supported browsers: IE 6+, FF 1.5+, Opera 9+, Safari 3+

You want Partner with us?

We are ready to become a partner to any other website with similar activity and interests. Take advantage of the popularity of iDesktop.tv and make benefits from it without any effort.

If you require a unique custom video player, please send us email to contact us

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